What can you do with Verifi3D?

Evaluate accessibility

Measure A-to-B distances and accessible areas

Assess fire safety

Analyze egress paths, time and fire hose coverage


What do we solve?

Optimize the design flow

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce external Excel analysis by working directly within Revit at all times.

Validate as you design

Enhance the data quality and minimize manual analysis by validating the design from preliminary phase.

Analyze & Visualize

Make better-informed decisions by analyzing the model data and visualizing the outcome in 2D and 3D.

What others say about us

Ewoud Ruifrok

Xinaps is an ambitious forward-thinking Dutch startup that dares to challenge the status quo in BIM. The tools help leverage the models in early design by providing easy, instant and accurate, bidirectional analysis of a building’s performance.

Ewoud RuifrokBIM ManagerArup Amsterdam
Ilzé du Pisanie

At concept stage, I save 2 hours per week on recalculating area types and plumbing fixtures with the Spatial Requirements Assistant. Even more, the tool takes the human error factor out of the equation, making my task quicker and easier.

Ilzé du PisanieDesignerEPR Architects
Koen van Dijk

Sharing our profound fire safety expertise in early design stage of a building guarantees that the models of our clients are as accurate and complete as possible up to the level of necessary fire extinguishing equipment.

Koen van DijkMarketing CoordinatorSaval


Explore the functionality of Xinaps at your own pace. Learn how to perform quick model checks within a minute. In just 10 minutes, become a Xinaps fire safety expert, accessibility evaluator or financial advisor. Obtain full control over your BIM data by validating its quality, analyzing the results and optimizing the design.