Validate as you design

Ensure you meet local building regulations simultaneously with clients’ requirements by validating the data quality of the BIM model.

Analyze & Visualize

Make better-informed decisions by analyzing and visualizing the data. Quickly locate bottlenecks and optimize your model accordingly.

Stay in sync

Perform all analysis of your BIM model directly within Autodesk Revit, always synchronized with the latest design alterations.


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Discover Xinaps Suite

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Xinaps Suite for Revit

Xinaps is setting the standard for data quality validation and compliance with local building regulations within 3D software. Our suite of tools enables design professionals to automate tasks within their workflows and increase the data quality to make better-informed decisions.


Our indoor navigation algorithm, which powers the Accessibility Evaluator and Fire Safety Assessor, is now patented! Take it for a spin – download the 7-Day Suite Trial!


Explore the functionality of Xinaps Suite at your own pace. Learn how to perform quick model checks within a minute. In just 10 minutes, become a Xinaps fire safety expert, accessibility evaluator or financial advisor. Obtain full control over your BIM data by validating its quality, analyzing the results and optimizing the design.

Financial Simulator

Fire Safety Assessor

Accessibility Evaluator

About Us

Xinaps is to set the standard for compliance with local building regulations directly within Revit. Developing our tools with design professionals in mind, our suite of tools enables BIM model validation in early design stage.

Our Suite analyzes and visualizes data from Revit® models to facilitate making better-informed design decisions. International building regulations are getting stricter and BIM is becoming the industry standard in more and more countries. Staying up-to-date with these trends, we put flexibility at the heart of our software. The Suite helps you meet local building standards as well as client’s brief right within Revit®. It is also time to automate some parts of your workflow. You can now do that more easily, faster and yet just as reliably as with traditional methods. With Xinaps you design better-performing buildings, one step at a time.

  • Ingenuity

    We take an innovative approach to traditional techniques. Always open to creative solutions of mundane tasks.

  • Pro-activeness

    Our team looks at the bigger picture first. We anticipate challenges on the way to the ‘end goal’ and try to prevent their occurrence.

  • Know-How

    Strong in-house expertise. We speak the language of the market. Current methodology is the foundation of our innovation.

What others say about us

Ewoud Ruifrok

Xinaps is an ambitious forward-thinking Dutch startup that dares to challenge the status quo in BIM. The tools help leverage the models in early design by providing easy, instant and accurate, bidirectional analysis of a building’s performance.

Ewoud RuifrokBIM ManagerArup Amsterdam
Ilzé du Pisanie

At concept stage, I save 2 hours per week on recalculating area types and plumbing fixtures with the Spatial Requirements Assistant. Even more, the tool takes the human error factor out of the equation, making my task quicker and easier.

Ilzé du PisanieDesignerEPR Architects