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Goldilocks and the Journey to Level 3 BIM

Fairy tales continue to enthrall listeners of all ages for generations with their captivating stories and valuable morals. There is still a thing or two you can learn from our heroine Goldilocks, so let us take you on a fascinating journey. … not long ago there was a curious, kind-hearted and intelligent girl — named […]

Architect by Day, Superhero by Night

Winston Churchill once said: ‘’We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.’’ This statement is timeless as architects are the superheroes who spend restless hours to come up with feasible and sustainable ideas and ensure shelter for future generations. The building design is a significant responsibility as it embodies the trace of time and the […]

The Ultimate Team BIM Checklist

Never before in history have we been working together this closely on the same building projects and at the same time. This opens up so many doors but at the same time causes a lot of confusion if the BIM execution plan and process are not streamlined to perfection. This is where The Ultimate Team […]

The World of BIM Craft

Imagine that — you are a spectator in a medieval architectural arena, witnessing the harsh and fierce battle between two architects in the AEC field — the traditional winner HARD skills and his modern opponent SOFT skills. Facing the chaos around and the cheers of the bloodthirsty crowd, you weigh both rivals to make the […]

Xinaps joins YES!Delft tech incubation program

Delft, The Netherlands — June 2, 2016 — Xinaps is excited to announce that it becomes part of the leading tech incubator in Europe YES!Delft. Going strong, Xinaps continues to deliver innovative productivity tools for design professionals, one app at a time. Stronger together Xinaps celebrates joining YES!Delft tech incubation program. With the strong support […]

3 Reasons to use Excel as an ally in your BIM flow

As an architect Excel is probably your best friend in the workplace. But do you use it as an ally or are you too dependent on this tool? Don’t get the wrong idea, Excel is probably one of the most convenient software programs available today not only in architectural practices. It assists in manual checks, […]

Fairy tale told by BIM

Everyone knows of the classic children’s tale of the three pigs and the wolf. It has been passed on for generations as a cautionary tale to work hard and smart because you never know when it might save your life! But this tale is not only for naughty little children. Oh no! This is a […]

Things Architects Care About

Whether you’re an established or freshly graduated architect, all great professional designers of buildings care about three main things. Have you ever put together a large jigsaw puzzle with a lot of pieces? At least one puzzle piece is always difficult to place. It isn’t a corner puzzle piece, but one of the middle ones […]

What are you actually doing with BIM?

If only one book were to be written about BIM, it might have “DON’T PANIC” printed in large uppercase letters on the front cover. — Pete Zyskowski Is the cat out of the bag or you still haven’t decided to adopt the building information modelling (BIM) approach in the last few years? The concept has been around […]

Thank you Vabi Software International, Welcome Xinaps!

Xinaps promises to enrich drawing solutions for AEC professionals with intuitive plugins for Revit® Delft, the Netherlands — February 3rd, 2016 — Vabi Software International today announced its name change to Xinaps. After an eventful year on the international market, the forward-thinking Dutch startup changes its name to match more closely with its core values […]