The Ultimate Team BIM Checklist

Never before in history have we been working together this closely on the same building projects and at the same time. This opens up so many doors but at the same time causes a lot of confusion if the BIM execution plan and process are not streamlined to perfection. This is where The Ultimate Team BIM checklist comes in!

Our Ultimate Team BIM Checklist presents the important components to facilitate collaboration within the BIM Team thus designing a better building. Effective collaboration and communication only work when everyone is on the same page, and the checklist is a handy guide to the core rules when things go a bit rocky.

For your ease use the checklist to empower your own team BIM!

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has opened a lot of doors in the AEC industry. One thing that is rarely touched upon is the effect that BIM has on the project lifecycle especially when taking the role of the team into account. One of the most important parts is the focus on the power of the people behind the process of designing. The ease in which people around the world collaborate on projects has grown by 40% in the recent decade, if not more! Now let’s discover why working together is the best way to get effective and efficient results. You might even pick up some interesting tips along the way.

First of all, it is important to be in contact with your BIM team. A key component of BIM is the collaboration and communication prowess the methodology possesses. This can be facilitated by online tools such as Skype and Trello which help you to keep track of your project and team members. Breaking up each phase of the BIM process of your building into practicable goals helps the project to be more manageable. Knowing who to contact, and when, streamlines the process in each stage. This allows for easier project management since the developments are tracked through this procedure.

At the end of the day, this will also immensely help ease the communication between parties, since for the onset of the goal the target and the goal are clearly defined. With weekly video calls to the main parties in charge of ultimately producing the end deliverables, everyone can be made accountable for their actions. Setting goals and frequent communication will keep everybody, and the project, on the right track.

Hot Tip— Clear communication and knowing your tasks and role in Team BIM is imperative

“BIM is like a box of chocolate; you never know which flavor you will get.”

This rings true for any team, but specifically for team members working together in a shared BIM environment. It is critical for your project members to possess diverse yet compatible skills. This will stimulate growth on a personal and professional level. Starting off with a clear understanding of the internal processes that everyone faces, will most definitely get the team a long way to complete the project successfully.

Every good BIM team knows the value of digital tools to accomplish goals accurately. Structured information is an integral part of BIM and it proves that by the sheer amount of deliverables the process streamlines within a digital 3D building model. It is important not to transfer the bulk of the data between different platforms during each phase of the building. For instance, if you use to Revit® there are ways to improve on your initial building designs right within the software. With Xinaps plugins you can easily analyze and visualize your data from Revit® within your 3D BIM model. Always emphasize combining BIM software with additional plugins that have proven to be the right fit for your team’s BIM process during each stage of the building’s lifecycle.

Hot Tip— Diversify the team’s abilities by increasing their knowledge with valuable tools

The worst thing you can do is to avoid confrontations. Aggravations will only build up and cause delays in the project. And even worst, cause discord and divide within the team. Try and make it a policy to discuss minor disagreements in a sound way once they occur. This will result in strengthening the bond of the entire team and provide better results on the short and long run. You can inject even more harmony and fun into the team by celebrating the completion of every major milestone along the way. This way every phase is closed off with a bang and communicates the progress of the entire project in a clear way. This will add to driving the team to new heights and festively ring in new phases of the building project.

Hot Tip— A happy designer is a productive designer

To sum up, the true power of Team BIM lies not in material things but in the spirit of open communication and collaboration. Important is to share not only your ideas and tools with the team, but also learn from each other along the way. This is the only way to get real groundbreaking results that will impact the team, the project, and possibly, even you.

Without question, Xinaps believes in the power of Team BIM. By enriching the AEC industry with tools we do our part in adding fuel to that power. Check out our corporate video and website to learn how you can contribute to your Team BIM in the early design phase!