Architect by Day, Superhero by Night

Winston Churchill once said: ‘’We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.’’

This statement is timeless as architects are the superheroes who spend restless hours to come up with feasible and sustainable ideas and ensure shelter for future generations. The building design is a significant responsibility as it embodies the trace of time and the expression of societal values.

Being an architect is not simply a full-time job where you work from 9.00 to 17.00. On the contrary, it is a mission to represent the future and translate your inspiration in tangible and functional buildings. There’s nothing more fulfilling than the realization that you can be a shining example to your comrades.

So how you can rise from an architect by the day to a superhero by night?

#1 — Find your sidekick BIM software

No superhero faces challenges alone. As an architect, you need to find your ‘’dynamic duo’’ software, which will make your design skills shine bright and ensure your building’s durability is maximized. Don’t settle down for the easy deal, but consider the pros and cons carefully and make a smart choice. Beware that BIM is not the villain and the current changes in the AEC industry and standardization are only for the greater good. You don’t need to neglect more complex software. On the contrary, you should grasp the possibilities of integration and excellence of design it offers. The sacrifice of bigger investment on efficient tools is fully justified for your superhero nature as you ensure the credibility of your design, the durability of the building, and the safety of its occupants.

#2 — Explore the Brief

If you strive to be a superhero, you need to start with challenging yourself. You most probably have a pocket full of great building design ideas, however, reality is a currency you need to be in sync with. As a professional, it is important to question the brief of your client and evaluate every component of it. The more you dig, the more details and strong starting points of the design you will have at the concept stage.

List as many elements as you can:

  • Research and create an overview of the applicable records from previous projects you can find in the city building department to understand the local requirements and procedures.
  • Define the owner’s goals, needs, and requirements, so you would be able to relate the design to his perspective and use the motivation as a source of inspiration.
  • Visit the site for as-built measurements and review the existing conditions to ensure your ideas and drawings will be in balance with nature.
  • Check for any updates of governmental standards for the specific country.
  • Create a thorough outline of the work schedule and people who are in charge of specific activities. This will ensure strong team collaboration from the very beginning with the set guidelines regarding deadlines, activities and personal responsibilities.

Through collaboration in preliminary design stage, you help your team bridge gaps in communication, neutralize possible problems that would otherwise be costly or time-consuming, and provide a coherent working environment. Don’t forget — a real superhero always cares about people.

#3 — Let your true superhero shine

Yearning to leave your mark on the world is a dream for many but achieved by few. The core of a superhero architect is the soul and devotion that goes into every design. Each movement of the pencil on a blank sheet or click of the cursor in the Revit® model is a trace of technical savvy with creative and innovative mindfulness.

Indeed, as an architect nowadays you have an access to the most up-to-date and innovative means to ease your workflow. Technology is at your disposal and every day more powerful tools are being invented, which brings you closer to the era of super connectivity and a coherent system for team collaboration for your projects.

However, at the end of the day, you are not entirely tied to technology. The freedom of your building design still lies in your hands, no matter if you drafted it on a digital or physical canvas. The greatness of today’s skyscrapers stems from the never-ending creativity of people like you. Architects are superheroes by day and night as they are unstoppable in the process of modeling buildings, which thereafter shape us. Each recipe is tweaked to perfection in order to meet the needs of sustainability and the taste of living occupants.

So Be a Superhero

Being a superhero is not easy. It is a lifestyle, in which your ideas do not take a day off. At Xinaps we believe that developing smart building checking tools within design software can simplify and optimize the building design process. Hand in hand with experts from the AEC industry, we work hard on shaping innovative architectural tools right within Revit®.

How do you feel about this list? Sharing is caring, so feel free to tell us what defines you as a superhero architect.