Cadline and Xinaps officially partners

DELFT, Netherlands, 15/09/2016 – Xinaps announces partnership with Cadline, a platinum Autodesk reseller in the UK.


New opportunities

We are pleased to announce that Xinaps is partnering with Cadline, a platinum Autodesk reseller in the United Kingdom. This relationship fosters the exchange of knowledge and experience between both companies. They will also support each other with events and exhibitions in order to reach the goal of improving the quality of AEC professionals´ workflow within Revit.


Frank Schuyer, CEO at Xinaps, shares:

“We are excited about our new partnership with Cadline, with whom we expand our international network while providing better solutions and strong support for Revit users in the United Kingdom.”

This collaboration will provide Cadline with the opportunity to enrich the variety of its design and data management technologies.


For Xinaps, it is a great way to expand its network of trusted partners in the UK. Both companies share the passion for being at the forefront of the latest BIM advancements and creation of long standing relationships with their clients by the provision of high-quality service.

Xinaps, as a forward-thinking company, aims to empower AEC professionals in the validation of their BIM data models, enabling them to comply with local building regulations throughout the design process. The AEC industry is bursting with innovations and new technologies. We’re constantly looking for new partners to help us drive the adoption of these emerging new ways of working. Cadline shares our vision and together, we strive to inspire the industry to keep reinventing its design techniques.

About Xinaps

Founded in 2015, we are a forward-thinking team that creates model validation tools within design software because we believe the building design process needs to be simplified and optimized. Our clients play an active role in tailoring the features of our solution.

Xinaps is to set the standard for compliance with local building regulations directly within Revit®. Developing our tools with design professionals in mind, our suite of tools enables BIM model validation in early design stage.

About Cadline

Cadline is a Platinum Awarded Autodesk Partner specialising in the supply of innovative design and data management technologies to Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Process and Plant and Structural engineering professionals. We are market leaders in the delivery of associated project training, consultancy, business integration and professional services.

The Platinum Tier Status recognises us as the best partner to support and implement your Autodesk solutions. Over the past year, we have had to demonstrate both technical and industry expertise and prove an absolute understanding and knowledge of our customers’ business needs. We have had to meet rigorous sales, staff and customer satisfaction measurements and sit in excess of 200 sales and technical examinations!