Fairy tale told by BIM

Everyone knows of the classic children’s tale of the three pigs and the wolf. It has been passed on for generations as a cautionary tale to work hard and smart because you never know when it might save your life! But this tale is not only for naughty little children. Oh no! This is a […]

Things Architects Care About

Whether you’re an established or freshly graduated architect, all great professional designers of buildings care about three main things. Have you ever put together a large jigsaw puzzle with a lot of pieces? At least one puzzle piece is always difficult to place. It isn’t a corner puzzle piece, but one of the middle ones […]

What are you actually doing with BIM?

If only one book were to be written about BIM, it might have “DON’T PANIC” printed in large uppercase letters on the front cover. — Pete Zyskowski Is the cat out of the bag or you still haven’t decided to adopt the building information modelling (BIM) approach in the last few years? The concept has been around […]