Xinaps for Manufacturing

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Grundfos Water Booster

“What makes Xinaps unique is that they’ve been instrumental in helping us translate how we typically think in a product and application development way and transform that into a solution that fits seamlessly into a BIM process.”

Marcus Fich, Global Business Development Manager

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Saval Fire Safety

“Sharing our profound fire safety expertise in early design stage of a building guarantees that the models of our clients are as accurate and complete as possible up to the level of necessary fire extinguishing equipment.”

Koen van Dijk, Marketing Coordinator

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Make early design calculations smarter

Connect with the design team

Your digital portfolio is always up-to-date – connected real-time with the building design. Make it smarter by enabling your client to develop cost scenarios based on your product categories.

Early design stage

Get involved from preliminary design – when building decisions are made. This gives you the competitive edge to become the top-of-mind manufacturer.

Smarter calculations

Prove the building owner that calculations are accurate and reliable – they’re always based on the latest designs, easy to report and ordered in correct quantities.

As a manufacturer, you’d like to:

  • ... Foster evidence-based design through accurate calculations
  • ... Bring your inhouse expertise to Revit
  • ... Interact with the design team in preliminary phase