Xinaps Product Configurators

Product Configurators

We offer our expertise to product manufacturers in the Virtual Design & Construction industry who want to stay at the forefront with their solutions.

We build Product Configurators based on your digital portfolio and our in-house developed algorithms.

Breathe life into your products by bringing them to the design process.

Streamline your internal operations.

With Xinaps, you can do this:

In Revit

Connect your products to the design process. Bring your expertise as a plug-in for Revit. This offers a direct integration with the 3D building model, visualizing the best solution directly within Revit. Stay always up-to-date with integrated digital content libraries i.e. UNIFI, BIMobject and more.

Grundfos Water Booster in Revit

In the Cloud

An integration with the 3D building model is much more powerful if brought to the cloud. Based on your own cloud environment, your products are immediately available to all stakeholders in the building design process. Connect real-time with digital content libraries i.e. UNIFI, BIMobject and more.

Grundfos Water Booster in the cloud

Why not combine Revit and the cloud into a seamless solution? It maximizes the exposure to your products and amplifies the power of BIM collaboration.

Contact us for advice on the best solution for your needs.

Check out our portfolio

“Sharing our profound fire safety expertise in early design stage of a building guarantees that the models of our clients are as accurate and complete as possible up to the level of necessary fire extinguishing equipment.”

Koen van Dijk, Marketing Coordinator

“What makes Xinaps unique is that they’ve been instrumental in helping us translate how we typically think in a product and application development way and transform that into a solution that fits seamlessly into a BIM process.”

Marcus Fich, Global Business Development Manager

“We were looking for the right solution that automates the design of lighting fixtures. Xinaps made this process more efficient and reduced the chance of design mistakes significantly.”

Philips Lighting, Research

Bring your portfolio to the design team


Streamline the order process internally. Now you can save time, reduce mistakes and minimize costs.


Get involved in the design stage – provide your customers with a simpler and smarter product configurator.

Top Choice

Become the top-of-mind manufacturer for the design team. Put your products just a click away.

New markets

Tap into new markets by adding value for all stakeholders in the building design process, globally.


Embrace BIM and ensure your product portfolio is future-proof. Bring it to the cloud today.

As a manufacturer, you’d like to:

  • Foster evidence-based design through accurate calculations
  • Simplify the product configuration process for your customers
  • Interact with the design team in preliminary phase