Empowering Sustainable Designs

Being a proactive and forward-thinking company in the sphere of smart model validation solutions for AEC professionals, Xinaps enacts the social responsibility as an inalienable feature of being a pioneer. Adopting Xinaps Suite for Revit makes it possible to streamline the building regulation process, by adding analyses and visualizations to the Revit model.

Applicable for early design stage, our tools help you optimize the building’s footprint and ultimately, deliver a more sustainable design. Xinaps strives to enact the mindset towards sustainability in every action performed by the team and the stakeholders, aiming to prove that sustainability goes along with financial and social efficiency.

By automating data analysis within BIM models, the plug-ins of our Xinaps Suite provide decision-making support to design professionals. The data analysis allows making efficient choices among design options by automating tasks within architects’ workflow. The combination of Xinaps Suite simplifies the model checking process while adhering to local building regulations.

Optimizing floor areas ensures no excess building materials are used, thus keeps construction costs on track. Take advantage of all space available by continuous monitoring and space usage assessment. The estimation of life-cycle costs in the early design stage and comparison of various design options contribute to making better-informed financial decisions.

Natural daylight is an integral part of every sustainable design. Ensure your building meets the LEED sustainability standard (or other local regulations) for a minimum daylight area ratio. Maximize the glazing to allow sufficient natural sunlight and inherently, enhance the wellbeing and productivity of the building’s occupants.

Design with inhabitants in mind. Every building project has a meaning only if it enhances its occupants’ lives. Ensuring everyone’s life is safe while residing in a building, plays a vital role in each and every design decision as well. And these are just some of the ways in which our portfolio of products inspires designers and architects to make a positive impact on the world. Today and tomorrow.

Apply the newest technology in your workflow and shape a more environmentally-conscious society.