About us

Xinaps empowers VDC professionals to validate data more efficiently, minimize manual work and utilize building data. Our tools are the first to create parametric checks within a building model and visualize the outcome directly within the 3D design software. 


Founded in 2015, we are a forward-thinking team that creates smart data validation and design automation solutions because we believe the building design process needs to be simplified and optimized. Our clients play an active role in tailoring the features of our solution. Hand in hand, we work hard on enriching design solutions for AEC professionals.


Our passion is to foster digital transformation across the AEC industry. Traditional approaches need to be replaced by the digitized, more accurate and reliable methods of working with building data. Together with you, the innovators in AEC, we’d like to accelerate the adoption of smarter, more sustainable validation methods and integrate with collaboration workflows.


Our mission is to lead the transformation and digitalization of the AEC industry. We believe that the design building process can be simplified and optimized with the power of technology. We want to help architects, engineers, and constructors and to utilize the resources generated during the design and build process to create better, smarter, more sustainable buildings.


  • Ingenuity

    We take an innovative approach to traditional techniques. Always open to creative solutions to mundane tasks.

  • Pro-activeness

    Our team looks at the bigger picture first. We anticipate challenges on the way to the end goal and try to prevent their occurrence.

  • Know-How

    Strong in-house expertise. We speak the language of the market. Current methodology is the foundation of our innovation.